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Diecast master 1/50 Highline Series Cat 320 Excavator (Next Generation)

Diecast master 1/50 Highline Series Cat 320 Excavator (Next Generation)

Diecast master 1/50 Highline Series Cat 320 Excavator (Next Generation)   Diecast master 1/50 Highline Series Cat 320 Excavator (Next Generation)
Thank you for visiting our page. Diecast master 1/50 Highline Series Cat 320 Excavator (Next Generation). Precisely reproduced painted and assembled die-cast completed model In a metal can case Length 16.3 cm, width 5.8 cm, height 8 cm Caterpillar excavator car, Cat320 hydraulic Reproduce the excavator on a 1/50 scale The sturdy lower part of the car body equipped with tracks also reproduces the frame shape etc.

The arms also reproduce the cylinder parts etc. Movable arms, cylinders, and buckets Detailed modeling of the driver's seat A figure is also set for the driver in the driver's seat The color of the car body is painted with Caterpillar's yellow Caterpillar's logo mark etc. Are also firmly reproduced CAT320HYDRAULICEXCAVATORNEXT GENERATION Painted die cast model finished product About the actual vehicle Caterpillar Inc. Known for many construction machines, is one of the various hydraulic excavators in the lineup. Cat320 is equipped with cutting-edge technology that makes full use of IT, such as measuring the load capacity in real time during loading work and supporting the operator's work according to the target value of excavation work.

It is equipped with an in-line 4-cylinder 4.4-liter twin-turbo diesel engine. It is a heavy machine that has gained popularity as a new-generation hydraulic excavator and is widely used all over the world.

About the model This is a die-cast miniature car that has been painted and assembled to reproduce the Cat320 hydraulic excavator, a construction machine lined up by Caterpillar Inc. This model in the Highline series comes in a metal can case. Pictures of the actual vehicle are also printed, making it ideal for collections. The size is 16.3 cm in total length, 5.8 cm in width, and 8 cm in height. The sturdy lower part of the car body equipped with tracks reproduces the frame shape.

And the arms and buckets, which also reproduce the cylinder parts, have a powerful mechanical finish. Not only the upper body of the car body can be turned, bu. For Collectors Be sure to read even non-collector customers.

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  1. Brand: Diecast master
  2. Product weight: 1060 grams
  3. Manufacturer: Diecast Masters
  4. Material: metal
  5. Product dimensions (length x width x height): 18.3 x 6.3 x 8 cm
  6. Model name: DM85569

Diecast master 1/50 Highline Series Cat 320 Excavator (Next Generation)   Diecast master 1/50 Highline Series Cat 320 Excavator (Next Generation)